Buglebourg [region in review]

In my previous post I introduced you to one of the regions on the out and proud grid (here).

In this post I will introduce one of my other favourite regions on the grid called Buglebourg. I started building this region about a year ago and have been making slow and steady additions to it. Being mindful of the fact there is allot of objects on this region and reducing the lag.
Buglebourg is based on three main themes (1) steampunk, (2) medieval and (3) fantasy. There is so much here its difficult to know where to start and how to describe this region. You land in a town area with red brick shops and a few airships in the sky. In time the shops will have freebies and other goodies for people to pick up, there will be a cinema and the coffee shop is already complete. The medieval parts of the region come from the two amazing Luna Lunaria keep and castle that are just incredible. To the left of the landing point you walk down a path and end up in a fantasy style forest with strange plants and a hand fasting circle.
There is an Alley Arcadia inspired town on the hill where you can find freebies and some of the vendors with Alley Arcadia objects in them all free to copy and do with what you will. The middle of the region there is a lake and on that lake you will find places to fish, relax and chill out and there is the Alley Arcadia boardwalk. Don't forget to check out the keep on the lake and the dance floor and airship.
The region is open to the hypergrid and all are welcome to visit use the following hypergrid address and I hope you enjoy visiting this region as much as I enjoyed building it.

HG Address: grid.outandproud.life:8002:Buglebourg

My next region in review will be something slightly different a virtual educational build called VWEDU (Virtual World Education). A region built as part of Masters in Education in Virtual World's that I completed at the UWE (University of the West of England, UK).
Leighton Marjoram

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