Finding your way around the grid

This video is for people who visit the Out and Proud grid or people that are guests of the grid.

Finding your way around an unfamiliar place is difficult and hopefully both solutions that I have on the grid will make this a little easier. I have two teleporters on the grid: 

  1. A menu teleport - which when you touch the image a menu will pop up on your screen and on it you will see a list of regions with a number. Below that is a series of numbered buttons that you can use to teleport to the region that you want to visit, for example in the video I select number 3 which is Buglebourg. 
  2. Arrow teleport - this is a little more complicated in the sense there is more interaction with the object that the menu teleport. At the bottom there is an information poster that explains what the icons mean and on each side there are buttons that when touched they will open links on the web (twitter, Out and Proud website, Contact page). Above that you will see two arrows (left and right) by touching these you will scroll through the regions on the grid and see an image of the region in the panel about the arrows. When you see the region you want to visit touch the image panel and you will be teleported. In the video I use this teleport twice and visit Chakrama and Danko city. If you see sparkles you are teleporting. 
Leighton Marjoram

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