Chakrama [region in review]

Out and Proud Grid has about 12 regions currently online (see list here) and in this post I will highlight the most recent region I created.

The region is called Chakrama and is a meditation and relaxation based theme build. 

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I have always wanted to build a region like this and have never had the content to do so. My dear friend and content creator Cataplexia Numbers sent me some amazing objects that I didn't Rez until recently. When I did I knew exactly what to do and Chakrama is the result.
The region is a 512 var region (4 standard regions) and consists of a pathway that takes you around the region. As you travel around the region you will find areas to meditate and engage in mindfulness activities. There is still allot to add but the scenery and major building is done.

The region is open to the hypergrid and all are welcome. 

My next post will introduce another region called Buglebourg one of my favourite builds. Buglebourg is a steampunk, medieval and fantasy based region.

Leighton Marjoram

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