VWEDU [region in review]

In this post I will introduce one of my other region called VWEDU an educational focused regions that I built as part of the Masters (MA) in Education in Virtual Worlds (taken at the UWE, University of the West of England, UK).


The brief was to create a working educational experience and write up a report once completed. The region is a var region (2x2) and there are four main areas to the build. The landing area is a generally student area for discussions and preparing for the other areas of the space. Directly in front of that is a region that is based on activity based learning where students will learn about the basics of virtual movement, object interaction, communication, basic building and avatar appearance which they will need for the main learning experience that I built as part of the course.

To the left of the landing point is the learning experience that I built which is aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists, trainers and supervisors and focuses on LGBTQ+ awareness and ethical practice. Both the learning experiences built use a guided tour archetype in the design where the learners move through the different stages of the experience. You can get a copy of the report that explains the building and the decisions I made on the region if you would like to know more about it. 

If you have any questions or would like a tour of the region please get in touch I a more than happy to do that and the region is open to the Hypergrid (HG).

The region is open to the hypergrid and all are welcome to visit use the following hypergrid address and I hope you enjoy visiting this region as much as I enjoyed building it.
Leighton Marjoram

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