Welcome to Out and Proud Grid

HG Address: grid.outandproud.life:8002

Welcome to the Out and Proud Grid an Opensimulator base virtual world for and by the LGBTQ+ community and our allies 

You maybe wondering two things (1) what is Out and Proud grid and what is (2) what is Opensimulator. Good questions and hopefully by the end of this post you will know a little bit more and be curious to learn more. 

Out and Proud is a place where the LGBTQ+ community of Opensimulator and guests from other grids using the hypergrid can meet, make friends and collaborate on projects. 

With one of the following focus; that provide some community or support, promote or develop LGBTQ spaces, non commercial event or performance or any other idea that develops an LGBTQ+ virtual community. Land maybe available for suitable projects and collaborations. 

Out and Proud represents a place where you can be yourself fully with other LGBTQ people and our allies. Out and proud is also a safe and inclusive space for all gender and sexualities the only request is that our guests and visitors be respectful to the people you meet on the grid.

Leighton Marjoram

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