Three ways to explore the Opensim Metaverse


The main difficulty with networked and distributed spaces like Opensim is trying to find your way around the 300+ publicly available grids. Exploring and the hypergrid are the two main defining features of Opensim to me and finding my way around was essential.

In this post I will show you four of the main ways that help making exploring via the hypergrid very easy. From exploring the hypergrid I managed to put together a few grids on a list to make things easier to find (other grids page here) and whilst out exploring I came across three Hyperports (a collection of teleports to different destinations and grids on the hypergrid).

Hyperport addresses

  • depot

Hypergrid Depot [OSGrid - Samuel Greenway]

Our first Hyperport is the hypergrid depot (by Samuel Greenway) on one of the oldest Opensim grids called OSGrid. The idea of this region is one the most ingenious ways of teleporting people. The metaphor of travel is embodied in how the region is designed as a multi platform train station arrivals hall. At each platform there is a train and a sign at the end of the platform indicating where the train will take you. The teleport occurs when you walk inside of the train which is a very effective and interesting way of teleporting.

Hypergrid depot OSGrid

Eld Sanctuary Grid [Shaun Emerald]

The Eld region is especially dear to me (and to many on the hypergrid) as it was the first Hyperport I found in Opensim. Where I also had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Shaun Emerald. The dedication to maintaining this region is incredible and the teleport list of destinations is huge.

Eld Sanctuary Grid

Weltraumbahnhof [Soloton Grid - Spike Sol]

Next up is the **Weltraumbahnhof** region has so many teleports you will definitely want to take a landmark to find your way back here. Run and maintained by **Spike Sol** the selection of places on offer here is phenomenal. One thing all the hyperports share and this one is no exception is that they all have an impressive amount of teleports to a variety of destinations. There is a second floor of destinations, recently added as the floor below was bursting at the seams to contain all the teleporters. 


Opensimworld [Satyr Aeon]

Another great resource for finding places on the hypergrid is the Opensimworld directory. Currently there over 400 regions (I stopped counting pages at 40) at the time of writing so there are plenty of regions to visit. There is a region where you can pick up the Opensimworld objects to add your own region to the ever growing list on the website.

Opensimworld region metropoils


Finding my way, or your way around Opensim is very easy these days and with these hyperports, Hyperica and Opensimworld websites travelling and exploring using the hypergrid is a great way to have fun, find friends or explore what Opensim has to offer. I made a video as I went round and I hope you log in and check out some new places on the hypergrid. Opensim has an impressive number of regions interconnected by the hypergrid to explore the hyperports and the Opensimworld and Hyperica websites are a testament to the creativity that can be found in Opensim with easy ways to explore.

If you are new to Opensim and the concept of the hypergrid [Chic Aeon] did a wonderful over view video covering the basics of the hypergrid [Hypergrid Traveling]. If you know of any others, leave me a comment below and I will add them to the list of destinations. The more the merrier that's my opinion.

Useful resources

1. Soloton Grid website

2. Hyperica Website
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