Out & Proud Grid update


As you can tell from the website things are a little different and with good reason over the last few days I have been upgrading Opensim to 0.9.1 DEV and installing Jopensim and Joomla and got a swanky new theme.


This website is a web front for Opensim and Out and Proud main website with the blog being hosted here instead of using a Ghost blog and an external redirect. The upgrade was tricky for a number of reasons unrelated to Opensim, Jopensim or Joomla but I finally got there and the dust is settling and I am pretty happy with the outcome. The setup is similar to a standard Opensim setup with a few differences. Jopensim handles groups, profiles, offline IM (sent to email) and search.

Registrations can be opened to people interested in Lighthouse Point that do not have a hypergrid account elsewhere. Contact me using the form if you would like and I will open the registrations for the site. As the only grid admin I will keep registration to an invite basis only the grid is hypergrid enabled so a local account is not essential for visiting Out and Proud. 


One of the major changes is the regions on the grid, the number has gone up and a few have changed there name and you can find the updated list of regions below for you to visit via the hypergrid. If you decide to visit you will find a teleporter with a menu that you can use to find your way around all the regions, get a link to the website or a notecard. 

HG grid.outandproud.life:8002

Full list of regions on Out and Proud Grid

  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:welcome [default grid region]
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:MTS Training
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:The Bird Cage
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Pride Bar
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Danko City
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Rockridge Heights
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Guinevere [var region]
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Binary
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Residential
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Starforge
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Starforge Lodge
  • grid.outandproud.life:8002:Dragopolis
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