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Out & Proud grid is an Opensim virtual world space for the LGBTQ+ community.

If you are an LGBTQ+ or allies who is interested in building virtual communities and projects get in touch. Out and Proud provides the virtual space the community decides what to do with it. It is important for LGBTQ+ people to have spaces where we can be and express ourselves without having to explain or justify ourselves. Out & Proud aims to a virtual safe space free from judgement.

What will be on offer @ Out and Proud Grid

  • A regular drop in
  • Social nights
  • LGBTQA+ specific regions
  • LGBTQA+ awareness training and consultation
  • Space for other organisations to be based on the grid
  • Access to other health, social and psychological professionals and services
  • LGBTQA+ focused health, social and psychological projects and initiatives (healthy lives, smoking cessation, sexual and mental health etc)

Ways of connecting with Out & Proud

  • local grid access (invitation and recommendation) - interested individuals or groups looking for virtual space can contact me to start the discussion
  • hypergrid access - the grid is always open to the hypergrid and there are 13 regions online at the moment that are publicly accessible

Full list of regions on Out and Proud Grid

  • Training
  • Bird Cage
  • Bar
  • City
  • Heights
  • Lodge
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