MTS Training region on Out and Proud
MTS Training region on Out and Proud

Out and Proud Grid Video Tour


Being able to find your way around a grid can be difficult so I thought that a video tour might be a good way of showing what regions are on the Out and Proud grid. In the short video you will be shown all of the current regions that make up the Out and Proud grid. There are currently 13 regions - 9 standard [Welcome, Residential, Pride Bar, The Bird Cage, Danko City, Binary, Starforge Castle and Lodge and Rockridge Heights]  and 4 var regions [Dragopolis, Guinevere, MTS training and Buglebourg].

Buglebourg is an archive version of the region with the same name on the Opensim Life grid and the Rockridge Heights region is still being developed by DJ Rocky (Rocky Constantine) and is not included in the video but is open to the hypergrid. you can use the addresses below to visit the Out and Proud grid and take a look around all welcome. 

REGIONS NAME REGION NAME lodge Training Bar heights Bird Cage [archive] city Castle  

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