OpenSim Life has a new welcome region


Now that Out and Proud has moved over to the OpenSim Life grid a new welcome region has been constructed to show what the grid is about and highlight the projects that the grid community are involved in. It has been fun building with Singer Girl and Bill and even if I say so the region does look amazing. 

HG address: Center Hub
Grid address: Welcome Center Hub

 There is allot to see, but here goes for a description. When you arrive at the region you land in the middle underneath the Dome structure with the curtains blowing in the wind. From here you can take any of the paths radiating outwards. You will find a teleporter hub that will take you to a range of adventure sims on the grid, there is a staggeringly beautiful build by Luna Lunaria which has some art and other goodies in there for you to see. Then Out and Proud have a spot on the Welcome hub as well and you will see a selection of the regions and projects that Out and Proud has on the grid. Swinging over to the next two pods that highlight Singer Girls educational focused projects and Web Worldz and information for all new people to the grid and the services that are on offer. 

I really like the new welcome region and encourage you to check it out, say hi or leave a comment below. Lots of new things coming up soon. 

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