Live Music and Grid Crawl two events this week


An exciting weekend with two events on Out and Proud Buglebourg region on the OpenSim Life Grid:

  1. Sat 26th - live music from JohnnyB an OSL resident
  2. Sun 27th - a grid crawl (where we visit a region on the OSL grid and one on the hypergrid)

Live Music - JohhnyB 

I am very excited to announce that the first live gig on Buglebourg will be this weekend and the wonderful JohnnyB Good will be singing crooner songs. JohnnyB picked a nice spot on the region in one of the castles on the region. 

JohnnyB is from the US and has been in music in one form or another since he was six years old. He was raised in the brass instruments, but has also tackled the flute in college and guitar from a young age. He has played in rock, bluegrass, musicals, and folk and has played in front of crowds (solo) as large as 5,000. He took a music break for about 15 years and is now re-entering into the music field. Of course, much has changed in the field electronically and reminisces about the time when his recordings were placed on reel to reel! His major instrument is now voice and waits for the time when he will be able to pick back up his various instruments and shake the dust off of them. 

WHEN: 26th May 2018
WHAT: Live Music with JohnnyB Good

Grid Crawl

The grid crawl starts with us meeting up on the Welcome Center Hub region on the OpenSim Life Grid. The first destination is called Buglebourg a steam/medieval/fantasy themed region by me [Leighton]. Then we will head out on to the hypergrid and visit a huge inspiration in the building of Bugle and where much of the content came from, the Steam region on OSGrid [Vbinnia Radek]. We had fun last time, all welcome to join us we are a friendly bunch. You can also join the Voice and Chat channels on Discord to help keep in touch while we explore. Our next grid crawl will be held next month on the Sunday 24th June.

WHEN: Sunday 27th MAY / 5PM PDT
WHAT: OSL Community and Guests Outing



This will hopefully be the start of more live events on the Out and Proud regions on OSL, I am all settled in and loving my new home and glad that Out and Proud and now part of the community over here. The next live event will be on the 8th June where Singer Girl Mode and the Sidekickers will be performing live at The Bird Cage region (with an NPC show if I can get them to concentrate and do as they are told??). More information nearer the time. 


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