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Leighton Marjoram

Image taken at the Lunaria region on OSL Featured

Grid Crawl Sunday - Lunaria and Ivory City

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This Sunday 24th is our third grid crawl, "is that like a pub crawl?" I hear you cry. Well no, it does involve going from place to place but without the liquid refreshments (well unless you want to at home but I don't recommend mixing drink with the hypergrid). 

WHEN: Sunday 24th June / 5 PM PDT
WHAT: OSL Community and Guests Outing
DISCORD VOICE CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/SSdac4V 
DISCORD TEXT CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/NMHhJhg 

MEETUP POINT: grid.opensim.life:8002:Welcome Center Hub

Local: grid.opensim.life:8002:Lunaria
HG: sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:ivory city 1

Our two destinations explore the work of two incredible builders (Luna Lunaria and Lumiere Noir). The first destination is the region by Luna on the OpenSim Life grid called "Lunaria". Luna is an impressive builder of epic scale and light you instantly know that this is the work of Luna Lunaria.


Then we will head over to the Sanctuary grid and visit the late Lumiere Noir build "Ivory City". Lumiere also built the Ivory Tower in Second Life where I learned many of the basics and not so basic building skills I have today.


Look forward to seeing you there and kicking off our regular Sunday Grid Crawl. As always if you have any questions about the crawl, about discord or where to get your landmarks from you can contact me using the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to pre-cache the regions before the crawl you can get the landmarks from the Welcome Center Hub on OpenSim life where we meet (you can find the address above under MEETUP POINT).



The Bird Cage was a fabulous hit

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What a night last night ... it has taken most of the day to get my self back together and get to writing this post about it. SingerGirl Mode rocked The Bird Cage to its foundations with an amazing set of anthems and the Sexy Sidekickers danced their heels off all night. SingerGirl went from Let Me Entertain You through Vogue, Lady Marmalade to its raining men and closing with We Are Family. It was an amazing show. 

With a theme like "Be as Fabulous as you Dare!" and MzFelicia leading the way, how could it not be a great time? What a pleasure it was to collaborate with Leighton Marjoram and Bill Blight. The region performed at an excellent level; and, of course, the very best part was hanging out with our OSL family and grid-hopping friends. Much love to you all! (SingerGirl Mode)

We had a good turn out and was really nice to see some familiar family faces from OpenSim Life and some old friends from other grids and some new faces. It went by so quickly it felt like it only lasted 20 minutes but it lasted over an hour. 

I asked some people there for some comments on the event for this post and Bill (grid owner) and Terri Tam TT (Sexy Sidekicker) obliged. 

"The event went fabulous, quite the spectacle. OSL is very lucky to have the OaP community as part of it's family." ~nuff said (Bill)" 

"It was my pleasure and honor to be apart of the Out and Proud Kick Off show at The Bird Cage. So many diverse people that I am proud to call family. SingerGirl and MzFelicia put on a wonderful show to bring all of us together for a night of fun and friendship. (TerriTT - Sexy Sidekicker)"

I am looking forward to doing another event soon at The Bird Cage, the ideas for the next show are already forming. The Mzfelicia performance was fun to do and everything worked for about 95% of the time and really that was only one animation not firing properly when we were all on the stage. With my screen looking like mission control getting to take pictures and videos was a little tricky but thankfully Selby Evans got some footage [here] which he kindly gave permission to use to create an edit. You can see my video edit below. unfortunately, I was unable to get any of the audio from the event so have used a track to do the edit which was a shame because SingerGirl changed some of the words to a few of the songs and it would have been nice to capture video and audio. Maybe next time.  

Thank you, everyone, for being there and making the night fabulously amazing and bringing The Bird Cage to life. To close this post I will use the words of Terri Tam TT who sums up my aims with the Out and Proud community and why I call OpenSim Life grid my home and have the community regions over there. She said 

"Everyone is different in their own way. So never be ashamed of who you are. Love yourself and don't worry about what others think. If they don't like you because of who you are, then it is their loss. Here in Out and Proud and OSL you are never judged and will always have a family here. Just be as FABULOUS as you can be!"


Live music and drag inspired performance at The Bird Cage

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This Friday at The Bird Cage will see the first of hopefully many collaborative performances with the wonderfully talented SingerGirl Mode and the Sexy Sidekickers. With a special two-song performance by my alter ego and drag inspired character Mzfelicia Honeycomb (the host of The Bird Cage). 

Over the last few days me, SingerGirl and Bill have been working together to prepare The Bird Cage for the performance. All being well there will be a performance from Mzfelicia and her BoyToy NPC (Non-Player Characters) dance troupe. With a stern voice the BoyToys have been choreographed within an inch of their lives and no Miss behaving will be tolerated.

WHO: SingerGirl Mode and the Sidekickers
Guest Act: Mzfelicia Honeycomb and the BoyToys

WHERE: The Bird Cage
HYPERGRID Address: grid.opensim.life:8002:the bird cage
WHEN: Friday 8th June, 7:00 PM Pacific Time.

DRESS: As fabulous as you dare, no nudity but as close as you can go without your junk showing.

A huge thank you to Bill for helping me get started with the NPCs, SingerGirl Mode for singing live for me and my OSL family who accept me for being me (and Mzfelicia Honeycomb). 

All welcome to attend and look forward to seeing you there. If you need help or have any questions about how to either create a local grid account or how to teleport into the region using the hypergrid please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form here or using my OpenSim Life email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


Live Music and Grid Crawl two events this week

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An exciting weekend with two events on Out and Proud Buglebourg region on the OpenSim Life Grid:

  1. Sat 26th - live music from JohnnyB an OSL resident
  2. Sun 27th - a grid crawl (where we visit a region on the OSL grid and one on the hypergrid)

Live Music - JohhnyB 

I am very excited to announce that the first live gig on Buglebourg will be this weekend and the wonderful JohnnyB Good will be singing crooner songs. JohnnyB picked a nice spot on the region in one of the castles on the region. 

JohnnyB is from the US and has been in music in one form or another since he was six years old. He was raised in the brass instruments, but has also tackled the flute in college and guitar from a young age. He has played in rock, bluegrass, musicals, and folk and has played in front of crowds (solo) as large as 5,000. He took a music break for about 15 years and is now re-entering into the music field. Of course, much has changed in the field electronically and reminisces about the time when his recordings were placed on reel to reel! His major instrument is now voice and waits for the time when he will be able to pick back up his various instruments and shake the dust off of them. 

WHEN: 26th May 2018
WHERE: grid.opensim.life:8002:Buglebourg
WHAT: Live Music with JohnnyB Good

Grid Crawl

The grid crawl starts with us meeting up on the Welcome Center Hub region on the OpenSim Life Grid. The first destination is called Buglebourg a steam/medieval/fantasy themed region by me [Leighton]. Then we will head out on to the hypergrid and visit a huge inspiration in the building of Bugle and where much of the content came from, the Steam region on OSGrid [Vbinnia Radek]. We had fun last time, all welcome to join us we are a friendly bunch. You can also join the Voice and Chat channels on Discord to help keep in touch while we explore. Our next grid crawl will be held next month on the Sunday 24th June.

WHEN: Sunday 27th MAY / 5PM PDT
WHAT: OSL Community and Guests Outing
DISCORD VOICE CHANNEL: "https://discord.gg/SSdac4V"
DISCORD CHAT CHANNEL: "https://discord.gg/NMHhJhg"

MEETUP POINT: grid.opensim.life:8002:Welcome Center Hub

Local: grid.opensim.life:8002:buglebourg
HG: hg.osgrid.org:80:steam

This will hopefully be the start of more live events on the Out and Proud regions on OSL, I am all settled in and loving my new home and glad that Out and Proud and now part of the community over here. The next live event will be on the 8th June where Singer Girl Mode and the Sidekickers will be performing live at The Bird Cage region (with an NPC show if I can get them to concentrate and do as they are told??). More information nearer the time. 


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